Storify’s Burt Herman on sale to Livefyre

Burt Herman, Co-founder
of Storify and Hacks/HackersĀ 


(photo via Storify)

Herman’s company was recently acquired by Livefyre and he is now Vice President of Editorial there.

Sandhya Kambhampati interviewed Herman at ONA and asked him his opinions on new forms of storytelling, the process of joining Livefyre, and changes in curation practices.

“Now we can see what people are talking about in their own homes and anywhere in the world. It started with journalism and it’s more applicable to all storytelling. Storytelling is universal.”

With the addition of Storify, Livefyre customers will integrate content with ease.

Storify uses manual curation, but Livefyre uses automatic curation. Herman says they work hand-in-hand, but the human touch must remain in the process of storytelling.